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The  Atude and Son’s Team team has 4 years of combined experience in the automotive industry. Everyone that works here has a deep passion for our mission. We are lucky to have a talented team of technicians that love this work and have a diverse set of skills and expertise which allows us to work on all makes and models. Our technicians are here because they wanted work in a space that honors their identity and has integrity as its leading value.

Our technicians are ASE certified and spend a minimum of 40 hours per year training and updating their skills to keep up on the latest vehicle technologies and so we can stay on the cutting edge of our industry.

We are all driven by our desire for social justice and we are here because we want to improve the customer’s experience in this industry.  We are disrupting the auto repair industry with radical transparency. We break the rules, think outside the box and work hard because that is how social change happens.

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Why Choose Us

Are you thinking of doing your own car repairs or having your car serviced by a friend with limited experience working on cars? We would strongly suggest that you reconsider. Vehicles are complex, and those with limited experience repairing vehicles have the potential to further damage your car by accident. Here a key reasons why you should choose us.

Expert Engineers

We are trained personnels with skills needed to diagnose your car and repair damaged tire and other motor parts

Experience Skills​

Given how long we have been in business, we worked on complex situations before and as of now, we identify the problem with your car and know exactly how to fix it.

Low Cost

We are affordable and transparent to our customers. We make do a one time maintenance that will last long.

Guarantee Services​

At Atude & Son's, we offer warranties and guarantees for the repairs performed on your vehicle. If something goes wrong again, you can bring your car back to us and we will resolve the issue free of charge.

Trusted Work​

We make use of modern and up to date equipment to maintain your car tire. With these, we are trusted by many vehicle owners including public transport companies.

High Quality​

With our well trained engineers, we are are able to deliver high quality repair on your car. That explains why we deliver a guaranteed service.