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We Care about Your Car and its Tires

We provide extremely fast and reliable service for your car. 

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We are open for appointments during working hours. We will pleased to serve you.

Working Hours
Emergency Calls 24/7

What We Do

We offer low prices on any tire size. Price negotiation is allowed. More discount on any set of 4 tires purchase. 

Mounting and Balancing of Tires

We ensure that they are properly centered on the wheel to have the smoothest ride.

Tire Repair Pads & Tire installation​

We make use of our readily available and portable equipment to repair and install Tires.

Tire Rotation and Brakes checks

To make sure your car is up and running, we thoroughly check on rotation and brakes

Brakes and oil Change

Everyone knows motor oil and brakes are integral to keeping your car humming. Come in for a Full Service Oil Change

Rims Seal and PSI Service

We diagnose, repaid/restore the valve stem to avoid loss of air within the tire in the long run.

Roadside Assistance

With our legendary 24-hour Roadside Assistance. We are sure to assist you when you are stocked.

Why Choose Us

Are you thinking of doing your own car repairs or having your car serviced by a friend with limited experience working on cars? We would strongly suggest that you reconsider. Vehicles are complex, and those with limited experience repairing vehicles have the potential to further damage your car by accident. Here a key reasons why you should choose us.

Expert Engineers

We are trained personnel with skills needed to diagnose your car and repair damaged tire and other motor parts

Experience Skills

Given how long we have been in business, we worked on complex situations before and as of now, we identify the problem with your car and know exactly how to fix it.

Guarantee Service

At Atude & Son's, we offer warranties and guarantees for the repairs performed on your vehicle. If something goes wrong again, you can bring your car back to us and we will resolve the issue free of charge.

Trusted Work

We make use of modern and up to date equipment to maintain your car tire. With these, we are trusted by many vehicle owners including public transport companies.

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We have readily available equipment to get you car up and running. From a large truck to tires of all kinds and different accessories to fix your car. 

Our Customer Say

We are proud to say that we are extremely good in what we do, Therefore we will not be surprise to see reviews from customers. 

They got my back. I only had a break down and dialed their call line. Behold, in a few minutes, they are here. I must thank you for serving me during that sad situation I had with my tire.
Howard Chavez​
Very affordable Tire and repairers I ever worked with. I will not hesitate to contact you again when need arises.
Lucas Elliot